Creativity Abounds: First Letter Home

Dear Kitty,

It has been a great week at camp! Glad you have been patient with me while I work on all my new things for camp instead of playing with you. Perhaps I’ll craft you a new cat toy for all your patience.

This has been a banner week for my creativity and I feel an excitement I haven’t felt in awhile. I took pictures, made videos and made some drawings. I think the face trace I did inspired me the most even though it was the create I looked forward to the least. It got me drawing again and inspired me to start a collage wall in my room to get myself creating.

I had fun watching my friend’s like Jeff and Jerry get right in there and start creating too. It is very cool to see people jump out of their comfort zones. I look forward to getting know the rest of the campers.

Well, I have more art to make so I’ll sign off for now. Hope you aren’t too lonely and please stop throwing up your food in protest.

Your Best Buddy,


3 thoughts on “Creativity Abounds: First Letter Home”

  1. @Kitty Are you using my old laptop? Please don’t get hair all over it. You know how I hate cleaning that up.

    @Alan Thanks for the support. I always did like dogs more than cats 🙂

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