Sun Peeking Through: An Image Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create 143: Look up today and make a photo that favors what’s going on in the sky.

Taken outside the clinic where I work. Mostly cloudy and overcast day but, the sun was trying to shine through.

Sun Peeking Through

3 thoughts on “Sun Peeking Through: An Image Daily Create”

  1. Nice photograph, Shannon. I like the composition, especially the lines of the roof of the building and the contrast between the light of the sun and the dark space of building.

  2. @Jess Thanks! I got lucky that the sun was just coming over that building while I was on lunch.

    @Alan Yes, I take pride in the fact I really don’t know what the heck I’m doing while I take photos. Luckily there was a little cloud cover so it wasn’t a direct sun shot.

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